NEP sponsorship guide

NEP’s infrastructure is sponsored by
the School of Economics and Finance
of Massey University in New Zealand.


NEP is an open-access resource. We don’t sell any information.

But NEP is based on a complicated system called ernad. Ernad makes sophisticated use of the RePEc data and computer learning software. It needs constant support and further development.

You or your organization can help NEP through sponsorship. When you sponsor NEP, your advertizing message is being displayed in the report issue emails. The advertizing uses the general tone of the US public radio system.

We have two types of sponsorship, issue sponsorship and report sponsorship.

Issue sponsorship distributes your message in all reports with a given issue. Your message appears at the top of the issue, after the header.

Report sponsorship distributes your message in one or more reports for a certain period of time to be agreed when you make the sponsorship. Your message appears at the top of the issue, in a dedicated space to the right of the header.

To discuss what type of NEP sponsorship is right for you, email sponsorship at nep dot repec dot org, on contact "thomaskrichel" on Skype.

Techncial details

NEP report issues are circulated via email. For the convenience of our users, we send the report issue in two separate media. These are a plain text medium and a HTML medium. For the convenience of our sponsors, we allow them to adapt the message to the medium. That implies that we have two messages, one for every medium.

To illustrate that, it is instructive to look at following four examples

text format html format
issue advert issues advert text issues advert html
report advert report advert text report advert html

The sample do not have the papers included.

Even more technical details...