nep-sea New Economics Papers
on South East Asia
Issue of 2021‒02‒22
27 papers chosen by
Kavita Iyengar
Asian Development Bank

  1. Christianty, R and Hidayati, R. 2020. Strategy to Increase the Competitiveness of SMEs and their Integration into Global Value Chain. The International Journal of Business Management and Technology, Volume 4 Issue 1 January – February 2020 (97-103) . By Christianty, Restia; Hidayati, Ratnaningsih
  2. The Small World Phenomenon and Network Analysis of ICT Startup Investment in Indonesia and Singapore By Farid Naufal Aslam; Andry Alamsyah
  3. Addressing Cambodia’s Clean Water Infrastructure By JieYeon Celes Moon; Lewis Seagull
  4. A Core of E-Commerce Customer Experience based on Conversational Data using Network Text Methodology By Andry Alamsyah; Nurlisa Laksmiani; Lies Anisa Rahimi
  5. Does flood experience modify risk preferences? Evidence from an artefactual field experiment in Vietnam By Arnaud Reynaud; Cécile Aubert
  6. Strategi Aliansi di Negara Berkembang: Industri Peralatan Medis Indonesia By Pricilia, Friska
  7. Simulation of the Costs and Benefits of Delayed Retirement: Evidence from Vietnam By Nguyen, Cuong
  8. Preventing Religious Radicalism on College Student in the Islamic State Higher Education (PTKIN) Case Study of Islamic State University (UIN) in Indonesia By Tarmizi, Yenrizal
  9. List of wind power projects in Vietnam, 2021-01 By Minh Ha-Duong; Lan Nguyễn
  10. anaisis penerapan pajak E-Commerce dengan Konvensional (kel.8)Fix (1) By kurniawan, stefanus tegar; Fatmawati, Desi; Husada, Yohanes Baptista
  11. Opportunities and constraints for production and income growth in rural Myanmar: Inter-regional variations in the composition of agriculture, livelihoods, and the rural economy By Belton, Ben; Cho, Ame; Filipski, Mateusz J.; Goeb, Joseph; Lambrecht, Isabel; Mather, David; Win, Myat Thida
  12. Options for zonation and grid integration of offshore wind in Vietnam By Phuong Nguyen; Dinh Nguyen Van; Hoang Anh Trinh Nguyen; Thi To Nhien Ngo; an Ha Truong; Minh Ha-Duong
  13. Tantangan Guru dalam Proses Pembelajaran Daring di Masa Pandemi Covid-19 By Annisa, Aulia
  14. Paying extra for better wind nearshore By Minh Ha-Duong
  15. An Effort to Measure Customer Relationship Performance in Indonesia's Fintech Industry By Alisya Putri Rabbani; Andry Alamsyah; Sri Widiyanesti
  17. A Macro-Finance Model of Government Bonds Yields in Vietnam By Ly Dai Hung
  19. Sustainability model of Vietnamese women entrepreneurship By , AISDL
  20. Sample path generation of the stochastic volatility CGMY process and its application to path-dependent option pricing By Young Shin Kim
  21. Modeling of Big Chili Supply Response Using Bayesian Method By Fajar, Muhammad; Winarti, Yuyun Guna
  22. Generating Multiple Resilience Dividends from Managing Unnatural Disasters in Asia Opportunities for Measurement and Policy By Mechler , Reinhard; Hochrainer-Stigler, Stefan
  23. English or Vietnamese By Ho, Manh-Toan
  24. Hidayati, R. dan Rachman, N.M. 2020. Respon Kebijakan Pemerintah dan Strategi Bisnis Usaha Kecil Menengah Korea Selatan Di Tengah Pandemi Covid-19 Prosiding Seminar Nasional Manajemen 5 Jurusan Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Negeri Surabaya. (1542). By Hidayati, Ratnaningsih; Rachman, Nadya Megawati
  25. The Effects of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Mandate on Parents' Labor Market Outcomes By Kim, Seonghoon; Koh, Kanghyock
  26. Académicos vietnamitas analizan el desarrollo de la teoría de la empresarialidad destacando las contribuciones «austriacas» By , AISDL
  27. The Covid-19 pandemic: theoretical and practical perspectives on children, women and sex trafficking By Simplice A. Asongu; Usman M. Usman

  1. By: Christianty, Restia; Hidayati, Ratnaningsih
    Abstract: Small and Medium Enterprises is one of economic pillars in Indonesia. However, Indonesian SMEs has not performed well comparing to other ASEAN countries, particularly in terms of participation in global and regional production networks. This study aimed to identify factors causing the low participation of Indonesia SMEs into the Global Value Chain (GVC). This research is conducted with literatur study and Internal & Eksternal factors analysis. Result shows that the low participation of SMEs and Indonesian companies in GVC is determined by the lack of optimal GVC support factors, namely infrastructure and use of communication and information technology, reliability and efficiency of logistics services, and high trade barriers. The relatively high level of wages is also an obstacle to increasing production efficiency. Likewise, the strict requirements for obtaining access to external financing from banks. Another problem faced by SMEs is that most of them do not know where their position are in the GVC. Increasing SMEs participation into GVC will automatically improve their competitiveness in the global economy. There are internal and external factors that determine the competitiveness of SMEs. Internal are human resources, marketing strategies, and innovation. Meanwhile, external factors are the ease of trying in Indonesia, access to finance and capital, market access and infrastructure.
    Date: 2020–02–07
  2. By: Farid Naufal Aslam; Andry Alamsyah
    Abstract: The internet's rapid growth stimulates the emergence of start-up companies based on information technology and telecommunication (ICT) in Indonesia and Singapore. As the number of start-ups and its investor growth, the network of its relationship become larger and complex, but on the other side feel small. Everyone in the ICT start-up investment network can be reached in short steps, led to a phenomenon called small-world phenomenon, a principle that we are all connected by a short chain of relationships. We investigate the pattern of the relationship between a start-up with its investor and the small world characteristics using network analysis methodology. The research is conducted by creating the ICT start-up investment network model of each country and calculate its small-world network properties to see the characteristic of the networks. Then we compare and analyze the result of each network model. The result of this research is to give knowledge about the current condition of ICT start-up investment in Indonesia and Singapore. The research is beneficial for business intelligence purposes to support decision-making related to ICT start-up investment.
    Date: 2021–02
  3. By: JieYeon Celes Moon (Northfield Mount Hermon School, USA); Lewis Seagull (New Jersey City University, USA)
    Abstract: Cambodia in the 21st century is an underdeveloped third-world nation that lacks the resources to address its economic problems. One of the principal problems is the lack of infrastructure for the delivery of clean, sanitary water. Lack of all types of infrastructure in Cambodia is the result of a series of unfortunate historical events—collateral damage from the Vietnam War, the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge, and difficulties establishing a stable government, each of which contributed to Cambodia losing its academic, professional, and business classes. Now, a majority of its citizens are under the age of 24; the country lacks leaders and role models on which to base social, political, and economic development. One of the major problems that cuts across all three of these sectors is the absence of access to clean, sanitary water for personal, agricultural, and industrial uses due to underdeveloped infrastructure for the delivery of clean water. Factors that contribute to the problem are government inefficiency, lack of coordination in allocating government resources, and lack of expertise to address these issues. For Cambodia to improve its economy, it must address its infrastructure for the delivery of sanitary water.
    Keywords: Cambodian Economic Development, Clean Water, Sanitation, Infrastructure
    Date: 2020–08
  4. By: Andry Alamsyah; Nurlisa Laksmiani; Lies Anisa Rahimi
    Abstract: E-commerce provides an efficient and effective way to exchange goods between sellers and customers. E-commerce has been a popular method for doing business, because of its simplicity of having commerce activity transparently available, including customer voice and opinion about their own experience. Those experiences can be a great benefit to understand customer experience comprehensively, both for sellers and future customers. This paper applies to e-commerces and customers in Indonesia. Many Indonesian customers expressed their voice to open social network services such as Twitter and Facebook, where a large proportion of data is in the form of conversational data. By understanding customer behavior through open social network service, we can have descriptions about the e-commerce services level in Indonesia. Thus, it is related to the government's effort to improve the Indonesian digital economy ecosystem. A method for finding core topics in large-scale internet unstructured text data is needed, where the method should be fast but sufficiently accurate. Processing large-scale data is not a straightforward job, it often needs special skills of people and complex software and hardware computer system. We propose a fast methodology of text mining methods based on frequently appeared words and their word association to form network text methodology. This method is adapted from Social Network Analysis by the model relationships between words instead of actors.
    Date: 2021–02
  5. By: Arnaud Reynaud (TSE - Toulouse School of Economics - UT1 - Université Toulouse 1 Capitole - EHESS - École des hautes études en sciences sociales - CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - INRAE - Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’Alimentation et l’Environnement); Cécile Aubert (TSE - Toulouse School of Economics - UT1 - Université Toulouse 1 Capitole - EHESS - École des hautes études en sciences sociales - CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - INRAE - Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’Alimentation et l’Environnement)
    Abstract: We conducted an artefactual field experiment in Vietnam to investigate whether and how experiencing a natural disaster affects individual attitudes toward risks. Using experimental and real household data, we show that households in villages affected by a flood in recent years exhibit more risk aversion, compared with individuals living in similar but unaffected villages. Interestingly, this result holds for the loss domain, but not the gain domain. In line with Prospect Theory, Vietnamese households distort probabilities. The distortion is related to aid received and social networks participation, but is unrelated to flood experience.
    Keywords: Field experiment,Vietnam,Flood,Non-expected utility,Risk preferences
    Date: 2020
  6. By: Pricilia, Friska
    Abstract: Banyak perusahaan multinasional yang menjalin kerjasama dengan perusahaan di negara berkembang seiring dengan berjalannya globalisasi (Tian, et al., 2020). Indonesia merupakan negara yang mengalami peningkatan pesat dalam perekonomiannya sejak 20 tahun terakhir, hal ini didukung dengan adanya stabilitas makroekonomi dan pengelolaan kebijakan fiskal yang bijaksana (Indonesia Public Expenditure Review: Spending for Better Results, 2020). Dengan adanya kestabilan makroekonomi, perusahaan multinasional akan diuntungkan dalam hal pengambilan keuntungan (kestabilan makroekonomi dapat berdampak baik terhadap nilai tukar dan perdagangan internasional). Agar dapat masuk ke pasar negara berkembang, tentunya perusahaan multinasional harus memiliki strategi yang dapat diterapkan di negara tujuan.
    Date: 2020–12–12
  7. By: Nguyen, Cuong
    Abstract: Vietnam is experiencing one of the fastest rates of population ageing in the world, yet has a low retirement age at 55 for women and 60 for men. This paper identifies the impacts of raising the retirement age and assesses how these would translate into either net costs or net gains for the Vietnamese economy in the long term. First, the paper uses national and household-level data to assess how a change in the employment rate of older workers would impact the employment status and wages of younger workers and impact the school attendance of their grandchildren. Second, this paper conducts a cost-benefit analysis to assess the net annual benefit of raising the retirement age according to four policy scenarios. This calculation is used to project the net benefits of each scenario over 33 years. The paper finds that increasing the employment rate will not impact the employment rate of younger workers, and will only negatively impact their wages in households where an older woman would stop helping with housework in order to resume formal employment. Given these findings, this paper concludes that raising the retirement age will result in a net gain in all four policy scenarios and that gains will increase the higher the retirement age is raised. The gains from raising women’s retirement age will exceed those of raising men’s age in the long term as the female share of the formal workforce continues to grow.
    Keywords: Retirement age, delayed retirement, simulation, older people, Vietnam.
    JEL: J1
    Date: 2019–12–15
  8. By: Tarmizi, Yenrizal (UIN Raden Fatah)
    Abstract: This study aims to determine the efforts to prevent religious radicalism in the Islamic State Higher Education (PTKIN) in Indonesia, by taking the case of five State Islamic Universities (UIN) that represent five regions in Indonesia, namely Sumatera Island, Java Island, Kalimantan Island and Sulawesi island. The efforts seen in this research are the efforts made by UIN leaders, especially the Rector, in designing, organizing and developing various academic activities for students. There are five forms of effort examined through this research, namely (1) student development policies, (2) curriculum development, (3) fostering Intra Campus Student Organizations (OMIK) and (4) coaching extra-curricular activities. Data is collected by the study of documentation, deep interviews with the Rector and other leadership elements whose main tasks and functions are relevant to student development and observation of the situation and dynamics of campus life, especially student activities. This study found that efforts to prevent religious radicalism in the UIN environment were not carried out in the form of prohibitions, not even coercive, but were carried out through passive resistance, in the form of prevention, interdiction and development of counter programs. These efforts include (1) assistance to the activities of Understanding Academic Student Culture (PBAK), (2) the development of Ma'had al Jami'ah, (3) fostering Intra-Campus Student Organizations (OMIK), (4) incorporating material on Islamic modernization into the lecture curriculum with the concept of immersion curriculum and hidden curriculum, (5) providing close mentoring and monitoring by maximizing the role of Academic Advisor (PA) lecturers, (6) developing openness through limited dialogue and (7) developing attitudes critical and analytical through discussions, seminars and public lectures.
    Date: 2020–12–18
  9. By: Minh Ha-Duong (CIRED - Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement - Université Paris-Saclay - AgroParisTech - EHESS - École des hautes études en sciences sociales - Cirad - Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement - ENPC - École des Ponts ParisTech - CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique); Lan Nguyễn
    Abstract: This dataset an historical list of wind power projects in Vietnam, updated 2021-01-21. The list contains 473 records, among which 381 refer to active projects. It includes the generation capacity, the project's location at the commune level, its stage classified on the Preliminary / Development / Implementation / Operation / Decommission scale, and wether it is onshore, nearshore or offshore. The sample is comprehensive for Implementation and Operation projects. We cover the total project investment cost for 162 records. We obtained the dataset by reviewing only public sources: national power development plan updates, provincial investment plans decisions ; the press and the professional literature. This dataset can be used for energy system research and modeling, for policy analysis at the provincial and national levels, and to better understand the market conditions. It provides an inspirational example of how fast it is possible to switch to renewable energy on a national scale. Climate change mitigation requires more stories like this one.
    Keywords: Wind power,Vietnam,Investment cost,Energy transition
    Date: 2021–02–01
  10. By: kurniawan, stefanus tegar; Fatmawati, Desi; Husada, Yohanes Baptista
    Abstract: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh penerapan pajak ecommerce di Indonesia, faktor pendukung dari penerapan Pajak terhadap transaksi e-commerce di wilayah Indonesia, serta kendala apa saja yang dialami dalam melakukan penerapan Pajak terhadap transaksi e-commerce. Metode analisis data dalam penelitian ini menggunakan metode deskriptif sehingga dalam mengumpulkan data penulis melakukan metode observasi dan dokumentasi yang selanjutnya hasilnya akan dijabarkan sesuai dengan apa adanya saat pengumpulan data. Hasil penelitian ini membuktikan bahwa pajak terhadap transaksi ecommerce wajib di kenakan kepada para pedagang online mengingat peraturan perpajakan sudah jelas adanya dan pendapatan tertinggi negara di dapatkan dari sektor perpajakan. Namun para pelaku bisnis e-commerce yang belum maksimal, sosialisasi yang belum dilakukan secara menyeluruh dan transaksi e- commerce yang sulit di deteksi wujud usahanya yang mendatangkan masalah tersendiri, yaitu sulitnya pemerintah menetapkan peraturan pajak yang jelas dan adil.
    Date: 2021–01–16
  11. By: Belton, Ben; Cho, Ame; Filipski, Mateusz J.; Goeb, Joseph; Lambrecht, Isabel; Mather, David; Win, Myat Thida
    Abstract: This working paper synthesizes findings from four large household and community surveys in Myanmar, each covering a major agro-ecological zone, to evaluate inter-regional variations in the composition of agriculture, livelihoods, and the rural economy, and prospects for production and income growth.
    Keywords: MYANMAR, BURMA, SOUTHEAST ASIA, ASIA, households, surveys, agriculture, crops, grain, diversification, agricultural production, rural areas, livelihoods, migration, arid zones, farmland, agricultural land, land ownership, income growth, dry zone
    Date: 2021
  12. By: Phuong Nguyen (VIET - Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition, TU/e University); Dinh Nguyen Van (VIET - Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition, UCC - University College Cork); Hoang Anh Trinh Nguyen (VIET - Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition); Thi To Nhien Ngo (VIET - Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition); an Ha Truong (VIET - Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition); Minh Ha-Duong (VIET - Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition, CIRED - Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement - Cirad - Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement - EHESS - École des hautes études en sciences sociales - AgroParisTech - ENPC - École des Ponts ParisTech - Université Paris-Saclay - CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
    Date: 2021–04–22
  13. By: Annisa, Aulia
    Abstract: Sejak Februari 2020 yang lalu, Indonesia dan seluruh dunia digemparkan dengan merebaknya pandemi Covid-19. Berbagai aktivitas kehidupan manusia yang sebelumnya berlangsung normal harus berubah secara drastis dan signifikan mengikuti berbagai peraturan yang ditetapkan oleh Pemerintah guna mengurangi penyebaran virus corona ini. Semua kegiatan masyarakat harus dilakukan dan dilaksanakan dari rumah, seperti bekerja, bersekolah, beribadah, dan lainnya. Masyarakat diwajibkan mengikuti semua peraturan dan protokol kesehatan yang ditetapkan oleh Pemerintah dan Badan Kesehatan Dunia (WHO), dan harus menjalani kehidupan dengan tataran normal baru. Tentu saja hal ini mengubah segala aspek kehidupan manusia.
    Date: 2021–01–18
  14. By: Minh Ha-Duong (CIRED - Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement - Université Paris-Saclay - AgroParisTech - EHESS - École des hautes études en sciences sociales - Cirad - Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement - ENPC - École des Ponts ParisTech - CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
    Abstract: Analysts often divide wind power projects into two categories: onshore and offshore. A third category recently emerged: nearshore projects, built on the intertidal flats. We observe a quasi cross-sectional sample of Vietnam's wind power projects, exhaustive regarding projects at the operating and building stages, comprising projects in the three categories. The median investment for onshore wind power projects in Vietnam is 1 680 USD/kW. It is 2 174 USD/kW for nearshore projects. We computed the relative extra investment distribution for intertidal projects compared to onshore projects in our sample. On average, a MW of generation capacity requires about 50% more investment nearshore than onshore. But variation is considerable, the interquartile range 20%-70% represents the extra cost better. It does not follow that electricity from nearshore stations costs more. Annual generation depends on the capacity factor. Projects developers are paying extra for better wind nearshore.
    Keywords: Wind power,Vietnam,Investment cost,Energy transition
    Date: 2021–02–01
  15. By: Alisya Putri Rabbani; Andry Alamsyah; Sri Widiyanesti
    Abstract: The availability of social media simplifies the companies-customers relationship. An effort to engage customers in conversation networks using social media is called Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM). Social Network Analysis helps to understand network characteristics and how active the conversation network on social media. Calculating its network properties is beneficial for measuring customer relationship performance. Financial Technology, a new emerging industry that provides digital-based financial services utilize social media to interact with its customers. Measuring SCRM performance is needed in order to stay competitive among others. Therefore, we aim to explore the SCRM performance of the Indonesia Fintech company. In terms of discovering the market majority thought in conversation networks, we perform sentiment analysis by classifying into positive and negative opinion. As case studies, we investigate Twitter conversations about GoPay, OVO, Dana, and LinkAja during the observation period from 1st October until 1st November 2019. The result of this research is beneficial for business intelligence purposes especially in managing relationships with customers.
    Date: 2021–02
  16. By: Salsabila, Nafila; tannady, hendy
    Abstract: Penyelenggaraan Makanan Institusi/massal (SPMI/M) adalah penyelenggaraan makanan yang dilakukan dalam jumlah besar atau massal. Batasan mengenai jumlah yang diselenggarakan di setiap negara bermacam-macam, sesuai dengan kesepakatan masing – masing serta akan melalui proses panjang dalam penyelenggaraan pori makanan tersebut. Permasalahan transportasi yang berhubungan dengan distribusi barang dan jasa dari berbagai sentra produksi ke beberapa lokasi penjualan. Pendistribusian memegang peran penting karena tanpa adanya pola distribusi yang tepat, maka proses pendistribusiannya dapat memakan biaya yang tinggi dan waktu yang relatif lama. Salah satu solusi program linear dalam pendistribusian barang adalah dengan menggunakan metode transportasi, supaya pendistribusian barang berjalan seefektif mungkin dengan pengalokasian biaya yang minimum. Metode Least Cost merupakan salah satu teknik solusi dalam transportasi. Metode ini didasarkan pada aturan atau pengalokasian normatif dari persediaan dan kebutuhan sumber dalam suatu matriks transportasi tanpa perhitungan besar-besaran ekonomis.
    Date: 2021–01–18
  17. By: Ly Dai Hung (Vietnam Institute of Economics, Hanoi, Vietnam)
    Abstract: We characterize a macro-finance model of government bonds yields in Vietnam. The evidence is based on a time-varying structural vector autoregression (TVC-VAR) model with a monthly sample from 02/2012 to 10/2018. The bonds yields serve as effective indicators for the macroeconomic variables. For the two-month horizon of forecasting, the model tends to forecast the inflation more effectively than the economic growth and exchange rate's change. Moreover, the macroeconomic fundamentals also drive the bonds yields curve: the output growth move closely with the long-run value of curve, the depreciation rate of domestic currency is consistent with the medium-run of curve, and the inflation rate goes in line with the short-run of curve.
    Keywords: Government Bonds,Vector Autoregression,Macro-Finance
    Date: 2020–06
  18. By: Ariyashira, Ferdian; sherlin, Etik flourensya; Priyana, Trimina Sari
    Abstract: Penelitiakan meneliti bagaimana pemasaran Konter Surya kencana salah satu UMKM yang ada di Indonesia untuk mempertahankan UMKM nya selama pandemic covid 19. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui bagaimana strategi Konter Surya Kencana dalam meenejemen pemasaran produknya selama pandemic Covid 19 ini. Penelitian yang diteliti oleh peneliti kali ini mengguankan metode kualitatif dan melalui pendekatan secara deskriptif. Peneliti akan menggunakan metode interview atau wawancara mendalam, observasi langsung, dan dokumen pendukung yang dibutuhkan untuk mengumpulkan data selama penelitian. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah UMKM Konter Surya Kencana menggunakan media online untuk menejemen pemasarannya karena memang dimasa pendemi ini diberlakukannya sosial distancing sehingga media online adalah media yang sangat efektif untuk mempertahankan bisnisnya
    Date: 2021–01–16
  19. By: , AISDL
    Abstract: The purpose of this research was to propose a sustainability model of Vietnamese women entrepreneurs. The study addresses questions concerning factors that trigger decisions by Vietnamese women to start a business or transition from employee to ownership status; identifies obstacles encountered because of societal prejudice and government policies; and examines the factors associated with business success. To investigate these research questions, a mixed methods approach was adopted. For the qualitative phase of the study, 30 Vietnamese women entrepreneurs were interviewed. Thematic analysis performed on interview data revealed that Vietnamese women entrepreneurs face social prejudice regarding their business expertise, that the Vietnamese government is not effectively communicating its support to these women, and that its policies are too vague.
    Date: 2020–06–14
  20. By: Young Shin Kim
    Abstract: This paper proposes the sample path generation method for the stochastic volatility version of CGMY process. We present the Monte-Carlo method for European and American option pricing with the sample path generation and calibrate model parameters to the American style S\&P 100 index options market, using the least square regression method. Moreover, we discuss path-dependent options such as Asian and Barrier options.
    Date: 2021–01
  21. By: Fajar, Muhammad; Winarti, Yuyun Guna
    Abstract: This study aims to estimate the response model of Big Chili offerings with the Bayesian method so that information elasticity of price (production) derived from posterior hyperparameter can be obtained. The method used in this study is a supply response model that adopts the Nerlove model and it is estimated with the Bayesian method. The data used in this study are Big Chili production (kg), harvested area (hectares), and Big Chili prices of producer level (IDR/kg) with the period 2008 - 2018 monthly sourced from Statistics Indonesia. The Bayesian method can be applied in the estimation of the Nerlove Model of The Big Chili supply. However, the resulting coefficient of determination is low by 21.05%. The reason is thought to be the use of prior that have a bias effect on posterior distribution and/or there is a nonlinear relationship to the variables in the model. However, only two variables were not significant from the five predictor variables, namely the price of producer level of Big Chili at time t-1 and the production of Big Chili at time t-2. The estimation results of price elasticity in the short and long-term were 8.49% and 2.50%, respectively, which are the inelastic category. It shows that farmers are not responsive to prices. Because the costs of cultivation are high, so it causes the profits obtained by farmers not so much , even though the farm-level prices increase. It becomes insignificant for income farmers.
    Keywords: Big Chili, Supply, Nerlove Model, Price Elasticity, Bayesian, Prior
    JEL: C11 C52 Q11 Q21
    Date: 2020–12–10
  22. By: Mechler , Reinhard (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis); Hochrainer-Stigler, Stefan (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)
    Abstract: Despite solid evidence regarding the large benefits of reducing disaster risk, it has remained difficult to motivate sustained investment into disaster risk reduction (DRR). Recently, international policy debate has started to emphasize the need for focusing DRR investment toward actions that generate multiple dividends, including reducing loss of lives and livelihoods, unlocking development, and creating development cobenefits. We examine whether available and innovative decision support tools are fit-for-purpose. Focusing on the Asia region, we identify evidence of multiple dividends crafted using expert-based methods, such as cost–benefit analysis for selecting and evaluating “hard-resilience-type” interventions. Given a rising demand for “softer” and systemic DRR investments in projects and programs, participatory decision support tools have become increasingly relevant. As one set of tools, resilience capacity (capital) measurement approaches may be used to support actions and decisions throughout all stages of the project cycle. Measuring capacity for resilience dividends, not outcome, such tools can serve as participatory decision support for organizations working at community and other levels for scoping out how development and disaster risk interact, as well as for supporting the cogeneration of multiple resilience dividend-type solutions with those at risk.
    Keywords: decision support; disaster risk; multiple dividends; resilience
    JEL: O21 O22 Q56
    Date: 2019–12–17
  23. By: Ho, Manh-Toan (Thanh Tay University Hanoi)
    Abstract: Influential works can be in any shape or form.
    Date: 2021–01–18
  24. By: Hidayati, Ratnaningsih; Rachman, Nadya Megawati
    Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted most of the economy in many countries, including Republic of Korea, which is currently experiencing a recession. The purpose of writing this paper is to provide an overview of government policies and business strategies for The Republic of Korea SMEs amid the COVID- 19 pandemic. This study adopted a qualitative approach with data sources of literature reviews and interviews with the Head of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center in Busan, The Republic of Korea. The results of the study indicate that there are at least five policies related to SMEs issued by the Government of The Republic of Korea in response to the pandemic, namely (1) Reduction and suspension of operational costs; (2) financial support package to increase liquidity; (3) Tax incentives to increase demand; (4) Fiscal support program to maintain employment; (5) Efficient and expedited administrative procedures. On the other hand, the SME business strategy implemented are (1) increasing effectivity in their business process; (2) consistency in Standard Operational Procedures;(3) utilization of information and technology;(4) strategic agility;(5) excellent customer service.
    Date: 2020–10–02
  25. By: Kim, Seonghoon (Singapore Management University); Koh, Kanghyock (Korea University)
    Abstract: We examine the labor market impacts of the Affordable Care Act dependent mandate (ACA-DM), which has significantly increased dependent children's health insurance coverage through parents' employer-sponsored health benefits. Using data from the American Community Survey, we find that the ACA-DM reduced parents' annual wages by about $2,600. However, the probability of employment and working hours only decreased marginally. The back-of-the-envelope calculation indicates that the magnitude of the estimated wage impact is similar to the increased insurance premium of a family plan due to the ACA-DM. These findings imply that a deadweight loss associated with the expansion of dependent health coverage is likely to be small as an increase in employers' labor costs is offset by a reduction in parents' wages without significant reductions in labor inputs.
    Keywords: The Affordable Care Act dependent mandate, dependent health insurance coverage, parents’ labor market outcomes, deadweight loss
    JEL: I18 J32 H51
    Date: 2021–02
  26. By: , AISDL
    Abstract: Impresionante. En el otro lado del mundo, en un país que fue comunista durante un par de décadas y que aun pretende serlo, aunque su economía sea más abierta y de mercado que la argentina, sus académicos también parecen tener más claro dónde buscar teorías económicas para entender el fenómeno empresarial que allí ocurre.
    Date: 2020–01–05
  27. By: Simplice A. Asongu (Yaounde, Cameroon); Usman M. Usman (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
    Abstract: We provide theoretical and practical perspectives on children, women, and sex trafficking during the Covid-19 pandemic. Process tracing is employed as a primary research instrument. It is an analytical technique used for either theory-building or theory-testing purposes that is employed to elucidate causation and change as well as to develop and evaluate extant theories in social sciences. We illustrate that a policy is needed that will strengthen the capacity of existing structures in the fight against the underlying trafficking so that these attendant structures are efficiently used to stop the trafficking and avoid the corresponding threats to public health safety.
    Keywords: Coronavirus, pandemic, human trafficking, girls and women, feminism
    Date: 2020–01

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