NEP edition control

NEP’s infrastructure is sponsored by
the School of Economics and Finance
of Massey University in New Zealand.

Editors have a duty to work for the creation of an issue every week. Of course, if there is no paper that the editor finds suitable, it is best not to create an issue just containing the next best paper. Editors should endeavor for consistency in editorial decisions.

Editors are subject to regular checks by the controller of NEP. The address of the controller is controller at nep point repec point org. The controller works independently of the director of NEP and does not report to the director. In general, the controller contacts any editor lagging for more than two weeks or so, e.g. less frequently in the summer, lower slack otherwise.

The controller principally uses two pages. They are

When an editor is lagging, (s)he is invited by the controller to report on her/his situation and the reasons of the delays. If the editor neither edits the late reports nor reports back to the controller, (s)he receives a second and final query message informing her/him to report or edit. The director is copied on that message. Failing to respond to that message translates into removal from duty.

When the controller finds necessary to replace an editor, he informs the director who then begins to look for a new editor. The controller sends a “thank you” note to the former editor.

The editors may occasionally inform subscribers about upcoming conferences related to the field corresponding to the NEP mailing list to which the subscribers belong. Each editor is to send no more than one e-mail about conferences in any given calendar month. Each such e-mail may contain announcements about more than one conference.