NEP: Delays

rankreportaverage delaynumber of observations
95nep-net30 days and 10 hours1
94nep-bec21 days and 8 hours2
93nep-hap20 days and 20 hours1
92nep-ino19 days and 13 hours2
91nep-env18 days and 20 hours2
90nep-ifn17 days and 20 hours2
89nep-pbe16 days and 20 hours2
88nep-fle16 days and 18 hours1
87nep-gro14 days and 16 hours2
86nep-ene14 days and 1 hour3
85nep-cba13 days and 3 hours2
84nep-ipr12 days and 21 hours4
83nep-ias12 days and 18 hours2
82nep-mac12 days and 18 hours2
81nep-des12 days and 15 hours1
80nep-cul12 days and 12 hours4
79nep-cta12 days and 24 minutes2
78nep-ecm11 days and 14 hours2
77nep-knm11 days and 6 hours3
76nep-int10 days and 19 hours3
75nep-dcm10 days and 9 hours2
74nep-dev9 days and 19 hours4
73nep-pke9 days and 12 hours3
72nep-geo9 days and 10 hours2
71nep-cfn9 days and 5 minutes2
70nep-rmg8 days and 21 hours3
69nep-cmp8 days and 21 hours3
68nep-neu8 days and 5 hours4
67nep-exp8 days and 5 hours4
66nep-ger8 days and 4 hours4
65nep-ure7 days and 9 hours4
64nep-opm7 days and 9 hours2
63nep-tur7 days and 4 hours4
62nep-iue7 days and 44 minutes2
61nep-ban6 days and 21 hours3
60nep-dge6 days and 13 hours4
59nep-hpe5 days and 19 hours3
58nep-evo5 days and 13 hours4
57nep-age5 days and 7 hours3
56nep-cdm5 days and 3 hours3
55nep-sog4 days and 20 hours4
54nep-eff4 days and 10 hours4
53nep-agr4 days and 10 hours4
52nep-fmk4 days and 6 hours4
51nep-ind4 days and 6 hours4
50nep-pub4 days and 6 hours4
49nep-cna4 days and 2 hours3
48nep-gth4 days and 2 hours4
47nep-res3 days and 23 hours3
46nep-lam3 days and 23 hours3
45nep-ltv3 days and 23 hours3
44nep-mfd3 days and 20 hours3
43nep-cse3 days and 9 hours4
42nep-tra3 days and 5 hours4
41nep-pol3 days and 3 hours3
40nep-soc3 days and 1 hour4
39nep-ent3 days and 58 minutes3
38nep-hme2 days and 10 hours4
37nep-sea2 days and 8 hours1
36nep-fdg2 days and 2 hours4
35nep-afr1 day and 21 hours4
34nep-mst1 day and 20 hours4
33nep-ara1 day and 19 hours3
32nep-dem1 day and 12 hours4
31nep-hrm1 day and 11 hours4
30nep-reg1 day and 11 hours4
29nep-lma1 day and 11 hours4
28nep-lab1 day and 11 hours4
27nep-pay1 day and 10 hours4
26nep-ict1 day and 9 hours3
25nep-upt1 day and 8 hours4
24nep-cis1 day and 7 hours4
23nep-acc1 day and 7 hours4
22nep-com1 day and 7 hours4
21nep-law1 day and 6 hours4
20nep-mic1 day and 4 hours4
19nep-mig1 day and 3 hours4
18nep-big1 day and 1 hour4
17nep-for20 hours and 57 minutes4
16nep-ppm20 hours and 41 minutes4
15nep-ore19 hours and 40 minutes3
14nep-gen19 hours and 33 minutes4
13nep-his18 hours and 8 minutes3
12nep-cbe17 hours and 38 minutes3
11nep-edu17 hours and 20 minutes3
10nep-sbm17 hours and 12 minutes3
9nep-mkt17 hours and 10 minutes3
8nep-spo17 hours and 8 minutes3
7nep-mon16 hours and 14 minutes3
6nep-tid14 hours and 59 minutes4
5nep-ets13 hours and 56 minutes4
4nep-hea13 hours and 56 minutes4
3nep-cwa13 hours and 49 minutes4
2nep-eur12 hours and 18 minutes3
1nep-tre11 hours and 45 minutes4